Knitting Workshop
Welcome to the magic world of linen

Welcome to the magic world of linen

The Lniana Wyspa Knitting Workshop is a fascinating journey towards the highest quality yarns that will make the comfort of wearing clothes your everyday life. Our goal is to create unique creations from the highest quality natural materials, thanks to which you will feel as attractive as comfortable every day. We know that the best things are made of true passion and commitment, so we put our whole heart and care for the smallest detail in every creation that comes out of our Workshop. Lniana Wyspa is a brand with a 40-year history, which from the very beginning has been guided by the idea of ​​minimalism and simplicity combined with timeless class and elegance. Our mission is to convince our customers that clothes created in the spirit of the latest trends in fashion development can be both comfortable and ecological at the same time. We are convinced that the best solutions lie in nature, which is why our clothes come 100% from the highest quality linen and other natural raw materials, and are made by hand in a local knitting workshop with care and diligence typical for handicrafts. What distinguishes us is the care that the quality of our clothes goes hand in hand with the diversity of our offer. That is why you will find in it such various wardrobe items as eye-catching blouses, original ponchos and tunics, warm sweaters and scarves, or airy dresses. We make sure that every lady visiting our store will find something for herself, which is why we are constantly expanding our offer with new, attractive models, color themes and patterns. 

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